Services Overview


I have seen the Localization industry evolve and embrace new technology for the last two decades, and I have been part of it. I spent years leading and managing software language quality for one of the leading Internet security companies worldwide.
My biggest achievement was to bridge the gap between teams, functions and stakeholders, and advocate transparency and engagement to build successful, mutually beneficial localization experiences.
And so my consulting services are centred around three critical pillars: people, processes, data to reach high levels of engagement, efficiency and quality.



Connecting & Empowering

The future of work is human.
People hold the key to successful experiences. Hear their stories, they will give you invaluable insight.

If people are empowered, educated and trained, they will become instrumental in defining processes and leading improvement.

I will share how to engage with people to drive performance.

CORE Competencies APPLIED:
Stakeholder Management | communication, negotiation & Leadership | Change Management | Education & training

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Designing & Optimising

One model does not fit all.
Build programmes and strategies tailored to your needs and requirements. Document, deploy and exploit.

I promote critical thinking, process excellence and continuous feedback and improvement.

Do you have a design problem, new requirements or wish to explore the possible?

CORE Competencies APPLIED:
Program Management | Stakeholder Management | Scalable Problem Solving



Measuring & Improving

Knowledge is key.
Knowing what is broken, how it got broken and why, is very powerful information.

Deep dive into your data and results to identify opportunities for improvement and make informed decisions.

I can help you bridge the gap between insights and actions, and put a plan in place.

CORE Competencies APPLIED:
Data Collection & Analysis | root cause analysis | STRATEGIC PLANNING