Company logos by Charlie Kranz

I love working with creative people who can give shape to your thoughts, and I mean actual graphic shapes...

I find the process fascinating. Simply provide a few keywords, describe your business or share your core values and goals, and see these transformed into shapes and colours. As easy as that!

Well, that's how easy I find working with Charlie Kranz, and I highly recommend his work.

Back in 2011, I worked with Charlie and his wife Caroline on the design of the logo for Dublin Flamenco Festival, which I ran between 2011 and 2015. I wanted to give a flamenco flavour to an emblem of Dublin and I pitched the idea of turning Molly Malone into an aficionado dancer. I wanted something subtle and authentic, and I was blown away by the result, down to the use of the bronze textured colour...

So when earlier this year I decided to start my own business, I didn't have to think twice about whose door I'd knock on to design a logo that would become my personal brand.

If you'd like to contact Charlie, you'll find him here.