Linguistic & Creative



Translating & localising

Languages matter.

The multilingual content journey starts with the source.

Translation is creation.

We work in multiple language combinations in diverse fields ranging from IT, Legal and Business to Arts & Culture.



Reviewing & complementing

Context and perspectives are critical.

Reviews are a crucial part of the multilingual content journey. They help validate and enhance translations in context.

We are expert editors and reviewers in multiple languages including English. Trust our eagle eye for all your review needs!



Conveying & transmitting

Language is also expression.

There’s more to language services than written words.

And there are multiple multilingual forms of expression…

We provide interpreting and voice talent services. We also partner with creatives to produce multilingual programmes.

CORE SERVICES: translation | transcreation | editing | review | LINGUISTIC QA | interpreting | voice talent | creative collaborations


Rates are provided for guidance. Rush projects carry an additional fee. Please contact us for a quote.
Translation €0.11 - €0.15 per word | Review €45-€60 per hour | Interpreting Variable rate per project | Creative Variable rate per project
In-house languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish. We work with trusted professionals in other languages, contact us with your requirements.