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My name is Nathalie Moyano González. I was born in Southern France, my parents are from Andalucía in Spain, and I moved to Ireland in 2002. I like to say I moved for the weather but I actually moved for work. Ireland is my home away from home and will always be.

I am a trained translator & interpreter turned process & quality specialist, with a passion for languages, communication and relationship building. Data and result-driven, I am an enthusiastic organisation builder with a mission to connect and lead individuals and cross-functional teams.

I have seen the Localization industry evolve and embrace new technology for the last two decades, and I have been part of it. I spent years leading and managing software language quality for one of the leading Internet security companies worldwide.
My biggest achievement was to bridge the gap between teams, functions and stakeholders, and advocate transparency and engagement to build successful, mutually beneficial localization experiences.

And so my consulting services are centred around three critical pillars: people, processes, data to reach high levels of engagement, efficiency and quality.

You can download a full CV (see below) for details of my competencies and achievements, or visit my LinkedIn profile to read what my peers and colleagues say about me.

I am a strong advocate of diversity & inclusion, education and social change, and I believe in giving back to the community. I was raised to be kind, respectful, fair and supportive and I do my best to contribute to as many causes as I can.


I dream in English, count in French and curse in Spanish…

My name is Nathalie Moyano,


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Where to find me

I can never have too much coffee, drop by for a chat if you are in Dublin!

I am based in Talent Garden on the DCU Alpha Campus, 2 to 3 days a week.