Meet the contributors


Francesca Gola

Francesca and Nathalie met in Dublin in 2002, when they both worked as technical translators for Symantec. Fran later moved to Seattle where she further developed her career in Localisation, working for companies like Pokemon and Valve to only name a few.

Fran’s commitment, thoroughness, attention to detail and profound knowledge of language and culture make her an amazing professional and human being.

Fran sparks magic around her. Going for a walk in search of the perfect espresso can turn into a surreal adventure. There’s a particularly beautiful encounter we had in Seattle once, but that’s a story for another day.

Francesca is a qualified project manager, translator and editor working in Italian, English, French. She holds an MA in Translation and MS in Computational Linguistics.

Alain Moyano

The surname is no coincidence. Alain is Nathalie’s big brother. The scientist in the family who turned to words and started his career in the language industry in 2006.

Al is a fierce runner and walker. According to Runkeeper, he is getting closer to covering the surface of the earth. He’s clocked up 27,000km in the last 5 or 6 years… Al is also an avid reader, knows a lot about a lot, and he’s a debate ninja. Talking about ninjas, Al’s speciality field is comics. Published translations include: Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon, Frankenstein, Dragons, Emily the strange, Kung-Fu Panda, Pingouins de Madagascar, Les Tortues Ninja, Aliens, Batman vs Aliens, Superman vs Aliens.


Alain is an experienced translator and editor working in French, Spanish and English. He holds a degree in Biochemistry as well as a degree in Computer Science.